Construction Labour Relations Presents

Understanding Our Canadian Model

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for Understanding Our Canadian Model.

Online E-Learning for Front Line Leaders working in the Construction and Plant Maintenance Industries on the Canadian Model.

Construction Labour Relations – Alberta presents a three hour E-Learning Program designed to provide those people who hold leadership and administrative responsibilities for the Canadian Model a comprehensive understanding of how to work with all aspects of the Policy. This program offers participants the knowledge and tools to effectively manage alcohol and drug issues in the workplace consistent with the Canadian Model Alcohol and Drug Policy. The program and materials are based on the October/2014 edition of the Canadian Model.

Fees for the program are:

  • Contractor employees affected by a CLR-A Trade Agreement
  • Contractor employees affected by other Building Trades Agreements
  • CLR-A member contractor staff employees
  • CLR-A non-member contractor staff employees
  • Building Trade Union Representative
  • Representative of an Owner/Client*
    No fee*
  • All others

* Representatives of an owner/client must register for the program by contacting our Edmonton CLR office directly.

Contractors can bulk order registration PIN's by contacting our Edmonton CLR office.

Browsers that are compatible with registration include Google Chrome, Mozilla Firefox, Safari, are Windows Explorer (Version 11 or higher, previous versions will not work). Always remember to check your settings to see if browser is up to date.

Contractors may administer their PINs by logging into our contractor site, available here.