Rules & Eligibility

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Mandatory Participation

The below collective agreements contain a requirement for contractors to remit dues to CLR-A for the program. 

  • Industrial Construction: 
    • Carpenters (Locals 1325 and 2103)
    • Cement Masons (Local 222)
    • Insulators (Local 110)
    • Ironworkers – Reinforcing (Locals 720 and 725)
    • Ironworkers – Structural (Locals 720 and 725)
    • Labourers (Locals 92 and 1111)
    • Mechanical - Plumbers & Pipefitters (Locals 488 and 496)
    • Millwrights(Local 1460)
    • Operating Engineers (Local 955)
    • Plasterers Construction (Local 222)
    • Sheet Metal (Local 8)
    • Sheeters, Deckers, Cladders (Local 8)

  • Commercial/Institutional Construction – Local 955 Operating Engineers only
  • Modular Yards – falls under Industrial Construction collective agreements
  • Long Term Maintenance performed under the General Presidents Maintenance Agreement* (effective April 2016)


Voluntary Participation       

Voluntary participation is available where there is no requirement for contractors to mandatorily remit dues to CLR-A for the program for the following collective agreements/sectors.

  • Fabrication Shops
  • Commercial/Institutional Construction – for any of the above noted Industrial Construction trades, except Operating Engineers
  • Short Term Maintenance performed under the National Maintenance Agreement
  • Staff (field staff, office staff, etc.) – Anyone who is non-bargaining unit staff employees employed in Alberta in jobs that would not otherwise be work covered by building trade affiliated unions.


Applications for voluntary participation can be found under the Forms section. 


*Please note that while participation in the program is a requirement for those contractors who are signatory to the GPMA, completion of the Voluntary Participation application is necessary for CLR-A to provide the services.

 Not Covered:

  • Roadbuilding and Heavy Construction
  • Overburden
  • Pipeline
  • Demolition
  • Residential Construction

Contractors should contact SureHire Occupational Testing to determine specifically which of their workers are eligible to be tested under the Audiometric Testing Program.