Hearing Loss Study

A Study of Hearing Loss Among Alberta Construction Workers

Construction Labour Relations - Alberta, with our partners, the Electrical Contractors Association of Alberta (for unionized contractors) and the Boilermaker Contractors’ Association, commissioned Dr. Patrick Hessel to conduct a study based on the data collected from the Construction Industry Audiometric Testing Program (CIATP), compared with a previous study on hearing loss among Alberta construction workers done in the late 1990’s.

The CIATP was initiated in 2006 by Construction Labour Relations – Alberta to monitor the hearing acuity of construction workers. Since its initiation, more than 30,000 audiometric tests have been performed.

The results of the recent Study indicate a dramatic reduction in hearing loss when compared to the first Study. In some trades the reduction was in excess of 50%. We intend to build on this success in our quest for better understanding and eliminating occupational hearing loss in our workplaces.

If you would like further information about the CIATP or the Study contact Doug Hawkins in our Calgary office. The full Study can be found by clicking here.