In July 2001, CLR-A launched the first industry-wide Employee and Family Assistance Program benefit for the unionized construction industry. CEFAP is funded by Employer remittances on a per hour worked basis for all trades employed pursuant to the terms of the collective agreements negotiated by CLR-A.

Employee and Family Assistance Services

  • Comprehensive services initiated by the client
  • A direct and private relationship between the client and counselor

Substance Abuse Expert (SAE) Assessment - available only in Canada

  • Arise in respect to a breach of the Canadian Model or a reference pursuant to 4.2.3(c)(iii) of the Canadian Model
  • Only from a referral, diagnoses and recommendations shared with the referring party, whether an employer, or a case manager, or a union authorized by CLR to refer a client
  • What to expect from SAE Assessment (NEW)

  • An employee of a Participating Employer affected by a collective agreement requiring CEFAP compliance, or a voluntary participation agreement with CEFAP.
  • A person affected by an agreement entered into by a multi-employer benefit plan with CEFAP.
  • A spouse or common law partner of a person defined in (i) or (ii) above.
  • A dependent child of a person defined in (i) or (ii) above.
  • A person respecting whom the CEFAP Administrator has confirmed to the Provider as deemed eligible.