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English: 1-800-663-1142
French: 1-866-398-9505
Hearing Impaired: 1-888-384-1152 (24/7)

Homewood Health will provide your organization with expert support for mental health and addictions. With over 130 years of experience, we achieve outstanding outcomes every day through our national network of 4500 employees and clinical experts, and through the Homewood Health Centre.

We offer:

  • Easy access to a continuum of services
  • Customized solutions
  • Innovative work-life services & effective workplace support
  • Integrated inpatient & outpatient support options
  • Stay-at-Work services – proactive and solution-focused support
  • Return-to-Work services – comprehensive support, assessment, and treatment options

Homewood Health delivers a continuum of mental health and addiction services that is unique in Canada for its breadth, quality, integration, and most importantly, results.

We are here for you.