Requesting an Audiometric Testing Appointment

To arrange for audiometric testing of your employees:

  • Contact SureHire and request an audiometric testing appointment.

  •  SureHire’s Account Representative will ensure that you have a Company Account set up.

  •  You will be provided with a Mobile Testing Request form to complete and return to SureHire
    • This form obtains the details of your onsite testing request (date, time, site location, etc.).

  •  Determining which workers require testing;
    • You will receive the SureAudio Scrub Template (Excel Spreadsheet) and will be asked to populate your workers’ information and send back to SureHire.

  •  Your list will be scrubbed against the SureAudio database to determine:
    • Workers who are due for testing now;
    • Workers who are due for testing within the next 30, 60 and 90 days; and
    • Workers who are not due for testing.

  •  SureHire’s Mobile Testing Coordinator will contact you to set up your testing appointment.

Billing Questions

Please direct all questions related to billing to SureHire prior to booking your appointment.

Contact SureHire

Ph: 1-866-944-4473 Selection 6
Website: (Select Contact, complete all the required fields and submit.  SureHire will respond to your submission within 48 hours)

Important Notice: CLR Audiometric Testing Program