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Global News covers Canadian migration patterns leading to Alberta

Global News has introduced a series named “New Roots,” showcasing Canada’s migration trends and highlighting the factors influencing Canadians’ decisions about where to establish their future.

The inaugural episode of New Roots delves into the lives of Suzi Hansen, Tyler Brown and their three children, a family from Ontario who chose to relocate to Alberta.

Faced with barriers in the Ontario housing market, the family found themselves drawn to the Government of Alberta’s “Alberta is Calling” advertising campaign. The appeal of affordable housing, remote work flexibility for Hansen and a wealth of opportunities in skilled trades for Brown led them to buy a home in a hamlet located west of Edmonton.

“In Alberta, he was being offered $10, $12, $15 an hour more with every job offer, with great relocation packages and really great benefits and bonuses,” Hansen recalls. “So it was really hard to not take that opportunity given the cost of housing being so dramatically lower.”

Construction Labour Relations Alberta has recently broadened its “Build Your Future in Alberta” campaign, extending it to Ontario and British Columbia. This initiative reinforces the compelling message of “Alberta is Calling,” alerting Canadians to the opportunities available within the unionized construction industry.

You can read the full New Roots article on the Global News website.