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About Us

Construction Labour Relations – An Alberta Association (CLRA) brings contractors, owners, and top-quality tradespeople together to build Alberta’s economy and secure a competitive future for the unionized construction industry.

Our success comes from longstanding and trusted relationships.

We’ve led Alberta’s construction employers through labour negotiations for more than 50 years, through principled commitment to the values that created Alberta’s modern construction industry: Collaboration, Innovation, Integrity and Leadership.

Our members can depend on us to uncomplicate the collective bargaining process, provide comprehensive training and support programs, and craft creative solutions that keep pace with the construction trends shaping our industry.

Our Mission

Our mission is to leverage our rich history and experience to build strategic relationships across the unionized construction industry, to use our knowledge and expertise to improve public policy and to help our members negotiate competitive labour agreements.

Our Vision

Building the sustainable and competitive future of Alberta’s unionized construction industry.

Collaboration | Innovation | Integrity | Leadership

Our Trade Jurisdictions

No other employer group in Alberta has the CLRA’s experience creating productive and sustainable relationships across the full spectrum of building trades. We negotiate contracts for a diverse and talented workforce across these 16 unique and technical trade specialties:

Contact Info

203, 236 – 91st Street SW
Edmonton, Alberta
T6X 1W8
Phone: 780-451-5444