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CLRA Audiometric Testing Program (AUDIO)


In 2006, in collaboration with the ECAA and BCA, CLRA created the Industrial Audiometric Testing Program. This Program ensures compliance of OH&S mandated audiometric  testing for noise exposed workers in a transient unionized workforce and that noise exposed workers receive testing, result interpretation, and education about hearing protection.

The program is based on a centralized database containing the audiometric testing results of unionized workers employed in Alberta. Participating contractors or unions access unionized worker information for audiometric testing via SureHire.

  • worker not in database = baseline testing
  • worker in database with recent result = no testing
  • worker in database & due for testing = periodic testing

*Records in database are worker specific.

Ensuring noise-management compliance.

CLRA Audiometric Testing Program (AUDIO) has been helping companies navigate noise-management legislation and regulation since 2006.

For more information call 780-451-5444

OH&S standard is a baseline audiometric test conducted within 6 months of hire, periodic test 1 year after the baseline, and bi-annually thereafter if results are normal (or annually if results are abnormal).

What are the benefits?

  1. Ensures compliance with OH&S for noise exposed workers.
  2. Cost of the program is covered by the CLRA Audiology Program.
  3. Ensures noise exposed workers are audiometric tested, receive correct result interpretation, and are educated on proper selection and use of hearing protection.
  4. Simple to use, SureHire
    • determines worker eligibility for testing;
    • schedules and arranges all specific testing details;
    • provisions testing, interprets results, educates the worker; and
    • manages invoicing.

How do contractors access the program?

Option 1 | Contractor On-Site

Contractor connects directly with SureHire to determine eligibility and schedule on-site testing

Option 2 | Contractor in Clinic

Contractor adds Audio test to union dispatch slip. Workers due for testing complete audio test at SureHire in conjunction with scheduled site access test.

How do I Schedule a test?

  1. Send a request to Mobile Testing with contractor name, site, estimated number of workers, and potential testing dates.
  2. SureHire confirms contractor eligibility/coverage and requests worker scrub list (first/last name, DOB, trade, union).
  3. SureHire will inform contractor of eligible workers to be tested on site or in clinic.
  4. Testing is completed then, results are processed and posted to the database.

Those on the list not covered by the program are able to complete testing; However the cost must be bourne by the Contractor.

For questions about the Audiometric Testing Program please call:

Labour Relations Representative
Ph: 780-451-5444

SureHire – Company Account Inquiries
Ph: 1-866-944-4473 Selection 5 (Select Contact, complete all the required fields and submit.  SureHire will respond to your submission within 48 hours)

A Study of Hearing Loss Among Alberta Construction Workers

Construction Labour Relations – Alberta, with our partners, the Electrical Contractors Association of Alberta (for unionized contractors) and the Boilermaker Contractors’ Association, commissioned Dr. Patrick Hessel to conduct a study based on the data collected from the Construction Industry Audiometric Testing Program (CIATP), compared with a previous study on hearing loss among Alberta construction workers done in the late 1990’s. Dr. Hessel’s results indicated a dramatic reduction in hearing loss when compared to the first Study. In some trades the reduction was in excess of 50%. We intend to build on this success in our quest for better understanding and eliminating occupational hearing loss in our workplaces. The full Study can be found by clicking here.

Mandatory Participation

The following collective agreements, broken down by sector, contain a requirement for contractors to remit dues for all hours worked to the Audiometric Testing Program.

Industrial Construction
  • Carpenters (Locals 1325 and 2103)
  • Cement Masons (Local 222)
  • Insulators (Local 110)
  • Ironworkers – Reinforcing (Locals 720 and 725)
  • Ironworkers – Structural (Locals 720 and 725)
  • Labourers (Locals 92 and 1111)
  • Mechanical – Plumbers & Pipefitters (Locals 488 and 496)
  • Millwrights(Local 1460)
  • Operating Engineers (Local 955)
  • Plasterers  (Local 222)
  • Sheet Metal (Local 8)
  • Sheeters, Deckers, Cladders (Local 8)
  • Shop Fireproofing(Local 222)
  • Commercial/Institutional Construction – Local 955 Operating Engineers only
  • Modular Yards – falls under Industrial Construction collective agreements
  • Long Term Maintenance – performed under the General Presidents Maintenance Agreement* (effective April 2016)

Voluntary Participation

Voluntary Participation in the AUDIO program is available to contractors working in the following sectors or staff:

  • Fabrication Shops
  • Commercial/Institutional Construction – for any of the above noted Industrial Construction trades, except Operating Engineers
  • Short Term Maintenance performed under the National Maintenance Agreement
  • Staff (field staff, office staff, etc.) – Anyone who is non-bargaining unit staff employees employed in Alberta in jobs that would not otherwise be work covered by building trade affiliated unions.

Applications for voluntary participation can be found here

*Please note that while participation in the program is a requirement for those contractors who are signatory to the GPMA, completion of the Voluntary Participation application is necessary for CLRA to provide the services.

Not Covered

  • Roadbuilding and Heavy Construction
  • Overburden
  • Pipeline
  • Demolition
  • Residential Construction

Contractors should contact SureHire Occupational Testing to determine specifically which of their workers are eligible to be tested under the Audiometric Testing Program.

Testing Done By:

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