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Construction Employee Family Assistance Program (CEFAP)

CEFAP is a CLRA program that provides confidential personal assistance and self-development services for eligible Alberta construction & maintenance unionized workers/employees and their dependents.

Everyone faces challenging and stressful events in their lives. Most of the time we can handle these situations ourselves; other times we could benefit from some support.

For more information call 780-493-0725 or 1-888-493-0725

  • Comprehensive services initiated by the client
  • A direct and private relationship between the client and counselor
  • Counselling is offered face-to-face, over the phone, through video, or online by an experienced counsellor

For more information call 1-877-822-0727

  • Arises in respect to a breach of the Canadian Model or applicable A&D Policy
  • Only from a referral, diagnoses and recommendations shared with the referring party, whether an employer, or a case manager, or a union authorized by CLRA to refer a client
  • Substance Abuse Expert (SAE) Assessment: initiated by e-referral, completed (via telephone) with the booking of the service by the worker.
  • Bridge, Post Assessment, Residential Readiness Counseling: initiated & completed by the SAE Team or service provider, booked by the worker.
  • Intensive Outpatient & Residential Treatment: recommendation of SAE Assessment, initiated & completed by SAE Team or service provider, booked by the worker.

Initiated by a participating contractor or union providing 24/7/365 support following the occurrence of critical incidents and unsettling workplace events that include:

  • workplace accidents
  • witnessing traumatic events
  • employee/worker deaths, suicides
  • difficult first responder calls
  • natural disasters

Optimal timing for on-site deployment is 1 to 3 days post-incident. Throughout all phases of a critical incident, our team will:

  • engage in assessment-related activities
  • monitor and respond to changing needs and priorities
  • provide telephonic and on-site consultation
  • coordinate and deliver both on-site group support and worker-based interventions
  • provide incident-specific materials and resources to support distribution of practical information and recommendations to facilitate post-incident recovery

Individuals are eligible for program coverage when:

  • CEFAP has received data (via & payment:
    • Contractor
      • EFAP coverage commences approx 60 days after employment
      • A&D coverage provided upon dispatch for site access and upon the accumulation of work hours for all other services
    • Union H&W coverage commences – approx 90 days following enrolment
      • Ironworkers Health and Welfare Trust Fund
  • Non-bargaining employee eligibility month-to-month

To learn more about who can access services and when edibility commences, please review the criteria in this document.

Determination of Eligibility for Substance Abuse Expert (SAE)

(Available only in Canada)

The funding eligibility time period is 30 day from the date of the violation.  The following requirements must be met prior to the 30 day window or within the stipulated timeframe in the case of Employer Requirements.

Employer Requirement:

  • Submission of the Alcohol & Drug Policy Violation Referral Form with 10 days of the violation.

Union Member/Client Requirements:

  • Provision of a copy of the “Drug Testing Custody and Control Form”, if tested, referred to in Appendix A, sections II and III, of the Canadian Model [confirms date of test].
  • If dispatched in last 30 days will provide a copy of their dispatch slip indicating:
    • dispatching union;
    • employer (must be participating and in good standing);
    • work start date;
    • applicable collective agreement (trade & sector) dispatched under
  • For Mandatory Case Management Trades there are several other documents that may be required.
  • Complete SAE Assessment booking via telephone call to SAE Team at 1-877-822-0727

Pre-Access & Pre-Access Failure

That person would have engaged in employment and become eligible with a negative test result, and;

  • Person was subject to a site access test pursuant to section 4.7 of the Canadian Model, and
  • The test result was not negative, and
  • The person was dispatched to a participating employer in good standing with CEFAP.

Canadian Model Violation (on-site/post incident)

  • Individual must be on current eligibility list

Other (In Camp, During Transportation, Off-site)

  • Individual must be on current eligibility list
  • May be determined to be eligible even though violation occurred while off-duty

Canadian Model Violation With Termination

  • Must be a Canadian Model Violation
  • Record of Employment or employer documentation indicating termination

Off-Site Follow-up Failure – CMAC/RSAP

  • Individual must be on current eligibility list
  • Must have an A&D ID#
  • Employer if applicable (not be required to be participating)
  • Documentation from case manager

On-Site Follow-up Failure – CMAC/RSAP

  • Individual must be on current eligibility list
  • Must have an A&D ID#
  • Documentation from case manager

Return to Work Failure – CMAC/RSAP

  • Individual not required to be on current eligibility list
  • Must have an A&D ID#
  • Documentation case manager

Determination of Eligibility – Post Assessment Counseling (PAC)

(available only in Canada)

  • Recommendation of SAE Assessment
  • Linked to the SAE Case on remap with an A&D ID#
  • Individual on Eligibility List
  • Union & trade participate in CEFAP
  • Date of Violation (PAC must commence within 183 days of violation)


Participation is negotiated into the collective agreement and contractors must remit to be compliant.
Trade Division Local #
Bricklayers Refractory Construction 1
Bricklayers Refractory Maintenance 1
Carpenters 1325 & 2103
Cement Masons 222
Insulators 110
Ironworkers – Reinforcing and Structural 720 & 725
Labourers – Construction and Refractory Maintenance 92
Mechanical (Plumbers / Pipefitters) 179, 488 & 496
Millwrights 1460
Operating Engineers 955
Plasterers 222
Refrigeration Construction and Maintenance 488
Roofers 8, 92 & 1325
Sheet Metal 8
Sheeters Cladders Deckers 8
Shop Fireproofing 222


Example of Trades outside of CLRA’s registration affiliation that Employer Organizations have chosen to opt into the plan voluntarily through an application process with CLRA.
Trade Division Local #
Carpenter – Yard Workers 2010
Labourers – Road Builders 92
Operating Engineers – Crane Rental 955
Operating Engineers – Overburden 955
Operating Engineers – Road Builders 955
Teamsters 362
Teamsters – Heavy Haul 362
UA Fab Shop 488

Services Provided By

English: 1-800-663-1142
French: 1-866-398-9505
Hearing Impaired: 1-888-384-1152 (24/7)

Homewood Health will provide your organization with expert support for mental health and addictions. With over 130 years of experience, we achieve outstanding outcomes every day through our national network of 4500 employees and clinical experts, and through the Homewood Health Centre.

We offer:

  • Easy access to a continuum of services
  • Customized solutions
  • Innovative work-life services & effective workplace support
  • Integrated inpatient & outpatient support options
  • Stay-at-Work services – proactive and solution-focused support
  • Return-to-Work services – comprehensive support, assessment, and treatment options

Homewood Health delivers a continuum of mental health and addiction services that is unique in Canada for its breadth, quality, integration, and most importantly, results.

We are here for you.

Core Counselling, Short-term In-person, telephonic, video and e-counselling

Life Smart Coaching Services Life Balance Solutions

  • Childcare and Parenting Services
  • New Parent Outreach Service
  • Elder and Family Care Services
  • Legal Advisory Services
  • Financial Advisory Service
  • Relationship Solutions

Career Smart Coaching Services

  • Career Planning
  • Pre-Retirement Planning Service
  • Shift Worker Support

Health Smart Coaching

  • Services Smoking Cessation Coaching
  • Nutritional Coaching
  • Jumpstart Your Wellness

i-Volve Online CBT Program

Online Services

  • Live intake through Chat
  • 20 e-Learning Courses
  • BusyFamily Childcare Service Locator
  • BusyFamily Eldercare Service Locator
  • Health Risk Assessment (HRA)

Online Resources

  • E-AP Mobile Application
  • Health and Wellness Library
  • Key Person Health Library
  • Health-e Multimedia (Podcasts & Videos)
  • Grief and Loss Coaching
  • Stress Solutions

Client Orientation and Promotion

Manager Training and 24/7 Support

Crisis Management Services (CMS)

Service Catalogues

Description of Professional Services
Lifestyle and Specialty Counseling

Critical Incident Stress Debriefing (CISD)

Should an unfortunate worksite critical incident occur, our service provider has a team of specialists that will react immediately by deploying to your worksite the assistance your workers need when dealing with the stressful impact of a critical incident.

  • Available to all participating organizations
  • On-site workplace trauma response
  • Two types of intervention:
    • Defusing counseling – occurs immediately
    • Debriefing – 24 to 72 hours after event
  • Triggered by contractor or union mgmt

Voluntary Participation

A Participating Organization, including a union that is party to a collective agreement with CLRA or a Trade Division, may apply for CEFAP coverage for employees and staff that are not bound by a collective agreement with CLRA. This may include, as examples, non-bargaining unit staff and employees engaged in manufacturing or transportation. A Participating Organization that wishes to file such an application will find the Voluntary Participation Application posted on our forms section.

Orientation Workshops

Provides a complete overview of the plan, the benefits & services, rules & eligibility, A&D Violation Referrals as well as offering assistance and support to your staff for the issues of addiction. This orientation will benefit everyone in your organization from upper management to HR, supervision to stewards, safety to employees on the tools. For further information please contact CLRA at one of the numbers below.

Edmonton: (780) 451-5444
Toll-Free: 1-800-450-7204

Personal Wellness

November 2022 Life Lines Building Resilience

Homewood HealthTM EFAP is pleased to release the Life Lines article for November 2022, “Building Resilience”.

This article is intended to support your wellness programming by providing employees and their family members with useful information and tips. Suggested distribution mechanisms include posting it on your intranet site, printing hard copies to be placed in high traffic areas such as staff lounges and lunchrooms, making it available in Human Resources and occupational health centres, mass email distribution, or including within your company communications.

Q4 2022 Vitality Encouraging Work-Life Balance

Homewood HealthTM EFAP is pleased to release the Q4 2022 edition of our Vitality article, “Encouraging Work-Life Balance”.

This article is intended to support your wellness programming by providing HR Managers or Executives tools to support their employees. Suggested distribution mechanisms include posting it on your intranet site, printing hard copies to be given to managers, making it available in Human Resources and occupational health centres, or including within your own company communications.