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CLRA holds successful 53rd AGM

Our valued industry partners, stakeholders, and members gathered together at our annual AGM, which took place at Edmonton’s exclusive Derrick Golf & Winter Club on Tuesday, November 21. Over 50 members were in attendance, and 11 individuals spoke at the podium throughout the day.

We were fortunate to welcome a sensational panel of presenters, from CLRA staff and board members to representatives from the Alberta government, ATB Financial and other heavyweights in the political and public communications sphere. In fact, the Minister of Jobs, Economy, and Trade, Matt Jones, opened the event with his greetings from the provincial government. He discussed both the challenges and opportunities Alberta faces in the wake of the skilled labour shortage, including the cross-Canada trades recruitment drive to help fill the gap.

Mark Parsons, ATB Financial’s VP and Chief Economist, expanded on the Alberta Advantage, highlighting how Alberta is well-positioned to compete in the global economy due to its record population growth and energy resources.

Seth McVeity from the Centre for Suicide Prevention showcased how the historically male-dominated construction industry could learn to look after each other through the Buddy Up system, a men’s suicide prevention program.

Lee Funke and Brookes Merritt from Torque Communications expounded on the government relations work that CLRA has done, pre- and post-election.

To round off the day, political pollster and CBC Calgary commentator Janet Brown gave us the inside scoop of Albertans’ perspectives on critical issues facing our province.

Indeed, the construction industry intersects with a myriad of others, making it essential to showcase a broad range of voices whenever we meet and reflect on our progress, values, and goals for the future.

The CLRA could not fulfill its mission of representing and protecting our unionized construction industry members without the long-lasting and meaningful relationships we have built with our supporters. We’re excited by how far we’ve come together and we’re equally excited about the inroads we’re making to ensure our members’ voices are heard where it counts.


With over 50 years under our belts, we know we are building on a firm foundation of time-tested standards
and past success. The path forward looks bright!

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