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Remembrance Day

Today the staff at Construction Labour Relations Alberta pauses our operations for Remembrance Day to observe a day of reflection and gratitude for all who have honoured our country with their service.

“A hero is someone who has given his or her life to something bigger than oneself”, wrote American professor, Joseph Campbell, in 1949 as he reflected upon the legacy of heroes in the wake of both World Wars.
These are the concepts inextricably linked in the public consciousness on Remembrance Day – of selflessness, determination, courage – in rising up to help others, often at great cost, often for little in return.
It is easy to forget that the social freedoms we enjoy today are hinged upon the personal freedoms that were staked upon the altar of conflict. This is why we choose to remember our veterans, both past and present:

  • World War I: 66,944 Canadians died with over 172,000 wounded
  • World War II: 45,300 Canadians died with over 55,000 wounded
  • Korean War: 516 Canadians died with 1,042 wounded
  • Afghanistan War: 158 Canadians died with 635 wounded
  • The 97,625 Canadians reported as serving in the Canadian Armed Forces (CAF)

This weekend, spend some time learning about these brave individuals and their families. If you are able, donate to a charity serving today’s veterans, such as the Veterans Food Bank of Alberta or your local Legion branch. It is the least we can do to remember, reflect, and respect our Canadian heroes.