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Board Chair New Year Address to Members

Dear Members,

Another year has passed, and with it, a time for reflection of what has been achieved, and anticipation for the year to come. As the Chair of CLRA, I’m pleased to share our progress in 2023 and highlight what our members can look forward to in 2024.

Our proudest achievement in 2023 is undoubtedly the finalization of outstanding Collective Agreements with all BTA trade divisions, with a term date of April 30, 2025.  Our success has resulted in Alberta offering some of the nation’s most competitive wages and labour jobs, which will ensure our industry’s health.  However, these agreements are due for renewal in April 2025 which means CLRA must begin now to prepare for bargaining to officially begin  in a little more than a year. We will share more information with our members on these plans as they become available in the months ahead.

To that end, CLRA will continue to lobby government officials on key policy areas to support our work on behalf of employers in the construction sector. This includes protecting and enhancing Alberta’s construction registration bargaining system, addressing double-breasting, and streamlining the Common Employer Application process.

To say that the province is growing is an understatement – Dow’s announcement for a CAD 9 billion invest to build  the world’s first net-zero ethylene facility in Fort Saskatchewan is exciting news for the construction sector.  Together, the Dow facility is among six planned projects from companies, including Inter Pipeline, Keyera, NOVA Chemicals, Nutrien and Pembina Pipeline that will create 20,250 construction jobs between 2023 and 2030.

With this economic growth, Alberta requires the expertise that our members bring to build and maintain the infrastructure we rely on. The CLRA is committed to renewing our efforts to attract and train the workers needed to meet this demand in the construction sector. Last year, we successfully launched the Build Your Future social media campaign to attract skilled tradespeople from across Canada to Alberta. In 2024, we will shift gears to be more education-focused, targeting high-school students, as well as adults exploring careers in the trades. A redesign of our campaign website is already underway to reflect this new focus.

In closing, thank you for your ongoing support in solidifying CLRA’s standing as the most recognizable and influential voice of Alberta’s construction employers. As we break new ground, we look forward to working with our members on to ensure your interests are represented with our skilled trades, government and stakeholders.


Bonnie Smith

CLRA Board Chair