Better SuperVision

Who We Are

Better SuperVision is jointly owned by the Building Trades of Alberta and Construction Labour Relations – An Alberta Association. The program receives direction by an appointed Board of Directors from the Alberta contractor, building trades, and owner/client community.

This broad cross section of organizations ensures that the program addresses the supervisory developmental needs of a range of stakeholders throughout the construction and plant maintenance industries.

Our Goals

To provide our learners with focused skills and perspective necessary to be successful as leaders. Supervisory challenges such as safe work performance, documentation, record keeping, workplace diversity, effective communication, and work planning are but a few of the key issues BSV graduates will be equipped to manage.

BSV strives to achieve excellence in both what we teach and how we teach it. BSV enables you to join with your peers in obtaining a qualification that is highly recognized throughout our industry.


The COVID-19 pandemic has caused BSV to suspend classes until further notice.  We encourage you to continue with your leadership education by completing the online front line supervisor training.  This way, you will be prepared to hit the gound running when we are able to again offer the classroom studies.  Thank you for your understanding as we do our part on social distancing. 

For more information please visit the Better SuperVision website at