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Umpire Decisions


  • OA = Original Award
  • R = Reconsideration
  • AB = Appeal Board
  • QB =  Court of Queens Bench Decision
Trades InvolvedFile #Nature of DisputeDate of AwardOA/R/ABFile Format
Painters, Carpentersump98-1Drywall & Taping09-28-98OADownload
Painters, Carpentersump98-2Resilient Flooring – Carpets09-29-98OADownload
IW, IBEWump9905Steel Supports for Electrical Trays04-26-99OADownload
UA, IW, IBEWUmp97-1Multi-Purpose Free-Standing Supports05-26-97OADownload
UA, IW, IBEWump97-2Multi-Purpose Free-Standing Supports10-03-97RDownload
UA, IW, IBEWump9902Multi-Purpose Free-Standing Supports04-16-99OADownload
Teamsters, OEump9903Transportation of Men & Materials03-04-99OADownload
Teamsters, OEump9904Transportation of Men & Materials05-13-99RDownload
IW, BM, UAump98-3Protest of Final Work Assignment Completed Fin Fan Cooler (PCL)12-11-98OADownload
IW, BM, UAump9901Protest of Final Work Assignment Completed Fin Fan Cooler (PCL)04-15-99RDownload
IW, BM, UAump98-4Protest of Final Work Assignment Completed Fin Fan Cooler (B&R)12-11-98OADownload
IW, UA, IBEWump96-1Multi-Purpose Supports Protest of Final Work Assignment01-30-96OADownload
IW, BMump9906Air Intake Filter House Duct Assembly Erection04-30-99OADownload
IW, BMump9907Air Intake Filter House Dampers and Power Rigging of the filters – Reconsideration of file 990606-03-99RDownload
IW, BMump9909Installation of Filter House Canister07-20-99OADownload
SM, IBEWump9908Syncrude North Camp AC07-15-99OADownload
OE, Electricalump9910Application for Review of Contractor’s Intended Work Assignment – Shell Meg Scotsford10-99OADownload
MW, BMump9911Review of Contractors Intended Work Assignment-Filter Installation Filterhouse10-21-99OADownload
BM, MWump9912Installation of filters-Joffre 200010-27-99OADownload
OE, Teamstersump9913Use of Fork lift Outside General Warehouse of Storage Area11-8-99
Revised: 01-00
Local 488
ump9914Handling – Installation of Solenoid Panel-Nova Chemicals11-99OADownload
IBEW, UAump9915Removal and replacement of control valve position transmitters11-25-00OADownload
Painters, Electricalump9916Stenciling of trays/equipment12-06-99OADownload
UA, IW, Premayump9917Composite crews12-14-99
Revised: 01-00
OE, Teamstersump9919Use of Fork lift Outside General Warehouse of Storage Area – Reconsideration of file 991301-19-00RDownload
UA, IWump0004Reconsideration of File #9917 Rigging Up of Gantry System And Lifting of Steam Turbine and Generator to Base
Suncor Co-Gen Fort McMurray, AB
IBEW, UAump0003Removal and replacement of control valve position transmitters. Reconsideration of file 991504-28-00RDownload
Local 488
ump006Reconsideration of File #9914. Handling – Installation of Solenoid Panel-Nova Chemicals06-08-00R Download
Painters, Electricalump007Reconsideration of File #991606-07-00R Download
OE, Teamstersump0016Reconsideration of #0014. Operation of forklifts outside the main warehouse and storage/laydown area immediately adjacent12-15-00R Download
SM, Insulatorsump0012Pipe and Vessel or Equipment Cladding/Lagging07-26-00OA Download
UA, IWump0015Installation of Unassembled (Broken Down) Compressors12-21-00OA Download
UA, Boilermakersump0017Opening, Closing and Inspection of Strainers and Filters12-28-00OA Download
OE, Teamstersump0014Operation of forklifts outside of the (main) warehouse and the storage/laydown area immediately adjacent.11-16-00OA Download
UA, IWump0101Reconsideration of File #0015 – Installation of Unassembled (Broken Down) Compressors01-18-01R Download
UA, IWump0103Appeal Board Decision of Reconsideration #0101 – Installation of Unassembled (Broken Down) Compressors02-12-01AB Download
IW, Carpentersump0104Review of Intended Work Assignment – Loading, unloading and handling of lunch trailers, et al04-25-01OA Download
UA/IW, CMump0108Cement Mason Coring holes for inserts/anchors for all trades. Attachment included (2nd link)10-29-01OA DownloadDownload
Teamsters, OEump0109The Operation of Picker Trucks, Low-boy Trailers, High-Boy Trailers, Tandem Trucks, Hauling Trucks, Crew Bussing, Dust Control, Stationary Fuelling and Transportation of Men and Materials11-09-01OA Download
UA, IWump0201Disputing MRC assigning to the IW the lifting and loading the 23 precast concrete guides to be moved03-08-02OA Download
UA, IBEWump0202Stroking of Valves and Jurisdiction of Hand-Held Signal Generator/Communicator06-11-02OA Download
UA, IBEWump0203Stroking of Valves and Jurisdiction of Hand-Held Signal Generator/Communicator08-13-02R Download
ump0204Scaffold Tending12-02-02OA Download
ump0204AScaffold Tending01-06-03AB Download
ump0204QBScaffold Tending12-23-03AB Download
UA, MWump0403aReview of Intended Work Assignment – Bailey Meters, Power Actuated Cylinders and Linkages03-19-2004OA Download
Sheet Metal,
Ump0307Boiler Duct Cladding12-22-03OADownload
Sheet Metal,
Ump0401Reconsideration of Ump0307, Boiler Duct Cladding01-12-04RDownload
Sheet Metal,
Ump0402Appeal of Ump0401, Ump0307, Boiler Duct Cladding01-29-04ABDownload
United Association, MillwrightsUmp0403Bailey Meters, Power Actuated Cylinders and Linkages03-19-04OADownload
United Association, Ironworkers, MillwrightsUmp0404Fly Ash Chutes and Valves05-17-04OADownload
United Association, Ironworkers, MillwrightsUmp0405Reconsideration of Ump0404, Fly Ash Chutes and Valves from the Ash Silo to the Ash Unloader06-09-04RDownload
United Association, Ironworkers, MillwrightsUmp0406Appeal of Ump0405, Ump0404, Fly Ash Chutes and Valves from the Ash Silo to the Ash Unloader07-02-04ABDownload
Sheet Metal, BoilermakersUmp0407Ventilation of Weld Fumes08-25-04OADownload
United Association, IronworkersUmp0408Sole Purpose Pipe Supports12-31-04OADownload
United Association, IronworkersUmp0501Reconsideration of Ump0408, Sole Purpose Pipe Suports01-20-05RDownload
United Association, IronworkersUmp0502Court Appeal of Ump0408, Ump0501, Sole Purpose Pipe Supports09-19-05QBDownload
Teamsters, InsulatorsUmp0902Intended Work Assignment10-21-2009OADownload