Jurisdictional Assignment Plan

Jurisdictional Assignment Plan Documentation

Memorandum of Understanding of the Jurisdictional Assignment Plan

  • The Memorandum of Understanding is the agreement between the BTA and the Coordinating Committee which establishes the JA Plan.  It speaks to the structure and purpose of the Plan and establishes the main components that comprise the Plan.

Plan Rules

  • The Rules outline the responsibilities of the Unions and Contractors and describe in detail the procedures with respect to how disputes are referred to the Plan and how these disputes will be settled.

Joint Administrative Committee (JAC) By-Laws

  • The By-Laws are the governance rules for the JAC.

Plans for the Settlement of Jurisdictional Disputes in the Construction Industry (Green Book)

  • This is also referred to as the Canadian Plan which is the overarching Plan for settlement of disputes at a national level.  The Alberta Plan works in concert with the Canadian Plan and the Alberta Plan is the first stop for jurisdictional disputes in Alberta.  The Parties may not refer a dispute to the Canadian Plan unless they have first tried to settle the matter by referral to the Alberta Plan.  The Green Book also contains Agreements of Record which are longstanding agreements between Unions on jurisdictional assignment of work.

Request for Review / Application for Appeal Forms

Fill out these forms if your organization requires the Umpire to settle a jurisdictional dispute, or if you wish to appeal the Umpire's decision.

Request for Review

Request for Review [Response]

Application for Appeal

Application for Appeal [Response]

Umpire Decisions

These decisions have precedential meaning.

Umpire Decisions


Should you have any questions with respect to the Plan or need to know how to submit a Request or Appeal, you can contact the Plan Secretary, Aaron Mireau at (780) 451-5444.